Friday, February 3, 2012

Ascensions & Farewells

Today's reading--chapter 87--was a bit of a bittersweet read for me. Oh, it was just as good as the other chapters, but it's a bit sad that today is the very last day of the readathon. :(

I don't know about you, but I have just been blessed beyond measure by reading through Desire of Ages over the past--wow, can you believe it--three months. Back in 2010 when I read the entire Conflict of the Ages series through in a year, I had singled Desire of Ages out as my favorite book. It's hard to explain if you haven't experienced it, but...there just a pull to it. You don't want to put it down! Mrs. White brings out so many wonderful points about the life of Christ, and I feel like I have learned so many new things this second time around. So with thus said, it is a bit bittersweet that this readathon ends!

Today's reading--chapter 87--is very good as usual. The focus is on Jesus' accession, and how He encouraged and edified His disciples before He took off. He repeated His teachings, and reminded them of His promises. When Jesus did ascend into heaven, and the disciples came back into Jerusalem, people expected them to be downcast and sad. But no! They were excited and hopeful. They had received a promise that Jesus would come again, and He had left them with a job to do. So they went up into the upper room, following Jesus' directions.

Are you ready for Jesus to come back? He promised that He would, and He always keeps His promises. You aren't ready? Then get ready! Surrender your life to God, and ask Him to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life. He will help you know how to get ready, so you can go home with Him someday very soon!

As I mentioned before, this is the last day of the readathon. We won't be reading any more books together, and gathering on this blog and Facebook to share our thoughts. (but on that note, PLEASE let me know via this blog or FB what you thought of this readthon! I'd love to know!) But one day soon, we can be together again soon. I'm talking about when Jesus comes back to take His children home! And then we won't just be reading or discussing about Jesus. We can talk with Him face to face, and learn even more wonderful things about our Savior!

I want to be there. How about you? Will you promise to meet me there at the feet of Jesus someday very soon?

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